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Certified Counselor, Preacher and Author
Healing for the WHOLE PERSON


Pastor Maggie Wilson, BA, MA, Ms.Ed is a certified counselor, preacher, and published author based in Delaware. She provides counseling and mentorship for youth and women dealing with trauma and mental

health diagnosis.


Pastor Wilson provides workshops and conferences around mental health and ministry.


In 2019, Pastor Wilson published her first book, Broken But Whole, an autobiography about the trauma she overcame.


I've known Pastor Wilson for over 20 years but after reading this book, I have an even more greater respect and admiration. 

Elder Tanya Goldsmith-Shuler


The weird thing about reading the autobiography of your mother is the surreal realization that you're reading about yourself. It's not that it's the telling of your own life, but the prequel of you - the story you heard all of your life in fragmented bits, woven together like a tapestry, for you, and everyone else, to admire.

The Real Mike Wilson


Pastor Wilson's book is a powerful read that gives brand new meaning to the phrases I do not look like what I been through, I am an over comer, and my God is able. 

Carol Moore


The book was honest and raw. Many of us carry shameful secrets. At times, they resurface in the way we view life and interact with others. However, Pastor Wilson has come out of the shadows.

Elder Loreen Heath

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