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My Approach is Mind, Body and Soul
Healing for the WHOLE PERSON

Pastor Wilson has a Master’s in Mental Health/School Counseling from Alfred University, an MA in Urban Affairs, an MS.Ed in Mental Health and Counseling from Alfred University and a BA in Psychology. Pastor Maggie has experience working with children in a school setting for over 20 years as well as providing guidance to parents within the community as a Crisis Clinician.

I enjoy working with individuals who appear to be whole yet feel lost and unseen; I address the impact that both trauma and healing have on the WHOLE person. Providing out the box therapy, my approach is mind, body, and soul. Meaning, I address the person and their environment, helping young people ages 10 and up, get their whole life!  I believe in rolling up my sleeves with you, and together we come up with solutions to tackle this thing called life, whether it's individual or group therapy.

There are going to be times that you are not going to like me, but a part of therapy is unpacking and revealing all the baggage that we often try to mask and hide. My desired goal is to work alongside with you in helping you become a better person inside and out, (The Whole Person).

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